Our Services

  • Operating Restaurant
    Restaurant operations scope involves on-site operations, as well as support activities. The on-site operations include FOH activities (Hosting and greeting, table service, cash handling, etc..), as well as BOH activities (Food preparation and finishing, operational par levels, productions sheets, etc…). The backbone of any successful food service establishment is the support activities, which includes human resources management (recruitments, training, evaluations, etc,,,), purchasing, cost controlling, and warehousing. This insures that we provide our clients with the complete solution for building and sustaining a profitable business, with expansion possibilities.

    As for the reporting side, we provide our clients with three monthly reports:-:
    • Profit & Loss statement
    • Cash flow statement
    • Stock-list statement
  • We offer the following services:
    • Kitchen equipments layout and BOQ
    • Raw materials sourcing
    • On & off job training
    • Developing standard operating procedures (SOP)
    • Job descriptions
    • Consultancy
  • Auditing
    We offer full restaurant performance evaluation, including front of house “FOH” and Back of house “BOH”, identifying performance variances in comparison with clients’ SOP, providing professional recommendations aligned with clients’ budget and performance development goals.
  • Concept Building
    Concept design manual and operation manual.