Welcome to SECTI Egypt

SECTI is an Egyptian company working in the food service industry. Our scope includes concept building, consultancy, auditing and evaluation, as well as restaurants operations

Mission: To provide our guests with high quality and best value services through the constant pursuit of innovation, commitment to quality and excellence, in a mutually profitable relationship.

Vision: To be the leading restaurants management company in Egypt and the Middle East.

Operating Restaurants

Restaurant operations involves many aspects, including inventory management, cost controlling, human resources management, guests service, food production, preparation, and service.


  • Kitchen equipments layout and BOQ
  • Raw materials sourcing
  • On & off job training
  • Developing standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Job descriptions
  • Consultancy


We offer full restaurant performance evaluation, including front of house “FOH” and Back of house “BOH”, identifying performance variances in comparison with clients’ SOP, providing professional recommendations aligned with clients’ budget and performance development goals.


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